First Pictures of New 'Alan Wake,' Secret Bioware Titles

Get your first tantalizing and elliptical glimpses at the new XBLA Alan Wake "experience" as well as Bioware's top-secret new project.

And so the teasing begins. Game Informer recently got hold of these exclusive images from two high-profile yet still mysterious titles making their debut at next month's VGAs. First up is this screen for the upcoming downloadable Alan Wake title which has been curiously described as an "experience" by anyone who'll talk about it. Up until now, speculation has been that the next entry in the Xbox-exclusive horror series would be some kind of side-scrolling coda to the main story, however the image below looks full-on 3D. Could whatever this be have the same scope as the recent Dead Rising downloadable titles, Case Zero and Case West, that is to say, bit-sized versions of the retail game with additional story content?

It's not like developer Remedy hasn't had experience creating downloadable expansions for the main story for Alan Wake in the past, so I don't see this as being too off-base. Then again, it's curious that it's getting its launch at the VGAs alongside heavy-hitting retail games like... whatever Bioware's next thing is.

Nope, no idea, either and it's not bringing to mind any existing Bioware IP. Could the Old Republic/Mass Effect developers be creating a new franchise here? We'll find out when what's certain to be a slew of trailers make their appearance at the VGAs.

The Spike TV VGAs air Saturday, December 10 at 8:00 PM EST and will be simulcast on Spike TV and MTV2.

[via Game Informer, and here]

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