Mattel Announces the DC Universe All-Star Line for 2012

Okay, it seems Mattel has unleashed some BIG news for all us DC Universe Classics fans. Knowing that our beloved DCUC was being relegated to the Club Infinite Earths on Matty Collector in favor of a new line caused excitement in some and anxiety in others. What would the figures look like? Would the Four Horsemen be sculpting them? Were they going to be figures sporting the DC New 52 costumes? Would there be Collect & Connect pieces? Well, all those questions and more have been put to rest recently with Mattel's announcement of their 2012 toyline: DC Universe All-Stars!

Read on for all the info straight from Mattel, along with some speculation by us. Pure speculation, people!

Mattel released this statement on the Matty Collector website:

DC Universe Fans,

As you know, the DC Universe Classics line is finishing up at retail with the highly anticipated Wave 20, including the Fan's Choice Collect and Connect® Nekron. Then, following Wave 20, we'll introduce a completely new DC Universe 6" line at retail, the DC Universe All-Stars. Designed especially to complement the DC Universe Club Infinite Earths figures, this new line will blow your collector mind!

You first saw Larfleeze at New York Comic Con. Here's another look at him, plus your first official sneak peek at the rest of the figures from the first mix at retail…

Larfleeze: The wielder of orange light finally joins the DC Universe! This collection-essential figure builds out the Corps.

Superboy Prime: The only super-powered being on Earth Prime, he comes complete with his Anti-Monitor armor.

Flashpoint Plastic Man: Check out this edgy new version of Plastic Man from the popular Flashpoint comics.

Batman Beyond: Behold our sweet take on the iconic Caped Crusader.

So there they are – the four amazing figures that make up the first mix at retail. It's been an awesome year for the DC Universe line and with the DC Universe Club Infinite Earths program on and the DC Universe All-Stars line at retail, 2012 is going to be even better!


Okay... we're not entirely sure how to feel about this, so we'll just lay out our initial thoughts:

-It seems that the figures will be released in waves of four. That's a fairly odd number for a toyline of this caliber as we've grown accustomed to seeing at least 5 to 7 figures per wave in most other lines.

-Out of the 4 figures in the first wave, only the Batman Beyond figure is truly recognizable to the average consumers that this line is supposedly catering to. This is both good and bad. On one hand, it still gives us hope that we'll find cool figures at retail, but also makes us wonder why there was a need to move DCUC to the Matty Collector site when characters that are "obscure" like Jay Garrick are, in fact, far more familiar than Larfleeze.

-Also, one out of the four figures might very well be a repackaged figure from the DC Universe Classics line. This gives rise to the speculation as mentioned above. During this year's NYCC, Mattel's display cases revealed the new Larfleeze figure. Directly behind that greedy bastard, was the fowl-loving criminal The Penguin!

This figure was the same as released in DC Universe Classics Wave 1, but with a Super Powers-esque paint deco. Will he be the next DC Universe All Star to waddle onto shelves? We're guessing: Yes.

Speaking of DC Universe Classics, here's a video interview with the DC Brand Manager about the final retail wave of that line:

SDCC 2011: Mattel's Danielle McLachlan Discusses DC Universe Action Figures

While we don't fully understand the plan for this line, we still need a masked Batman Beyond figure-- so they're gettin' our dollars! For more info on this line, be sure to check out the official Matty Collector website and their handy-dandy Facebook page!

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