Familiar Tales: New Manga for the Week of November 9

Most of this week's new manga has a familiar feeling to it—either it's reissues of classic tales or something new from a veteran creator. Think of it as the manga equivalent of comfort food, just the thing for an autumn day.

Vertical kicks off November with a classic: Osamu Tezuka's Princess Knight, the original gender-bender adventure manga about a princess who must masquerade as a prince in order to inherit her kingdom. The story was originally published in Japan in the 1950s, although there are several versions, and Kodansha published a bilingual English/Japanese edition, but this is the first English edition that is just for manga fans. Also new from Vertical this week is vol. 10 of Twin Spica, the story of a girl's adventures during astronaut training.

Viz has a good selection this week, starting with the first volume of its omnibus edition of CLAMP's great unfinished apocalyptic manga, X. Illustrated in CLAMP's lovely, sinuous shoujo style, but filled with seinen action, X was canceled by the editors of Monthly Asuka when it got too hot to handle and has never found a new home. Viz published the series a few years ago, and each of the volumes in this new omnibus edition collects three of those original volumes.

If CLAMP is not your cup of tea, how about some Rumiko Takahashi? You can choose between vol. 9 of the omnibus edition of InuYasha and vol. 7 of the newer series Rin-ne. And there's nothing more classic than Pokemon; this week we have vol. 4 of Pokemon Black and White. For shonen fans, there's vol. 7 of Kurozakuro, which wraps up the series.

And finally, Kodansha Comics has new entries in two continuing series: Vol. 16 of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail and vol. 5 of Arisa, a school mystery story by Kitchen Princess creator Natsume Ando.

Check out all this week's new comics at ComicList.

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