Light Up Slippers Put Headlights On Our Toes!

Waking up in the middle of the night only to stub your toe while searching for the light-switch can be pretty frustrating, but what are we supposed to do? You can't get a night light because all your friends will make fun of you for being afraid of the dark and throwing a shoelace on the fan pull switch is just too lazy (don't judge me). That's why I'm deeply considering a pair of the slippers you see above – they have headlights!

The Light Up Slippers will throw bright white LED light 20 to 25-feet in front of your toes and they use a handy dandy weight sensor to turn on – just stand up in them and the lights turn on. You won't have to worry about turning them off either as as the LEDs won’t shine if there are other lights on in the surrounding area.

Power for the Light Up Slippers comes from two lithium batteries (one in each slipper), but to our dismay they are not rechargeable. If the batteries go bad you'll have to go buy some replacements. Thankfully two little LEDs shouldn't suck up too much juice and will probably last for quite awhile.

If you're looking for goofy, yet useful gift for that geeky somebody in your life head over to and grab a pair of these awesome slippers. They are available for shoe sizes ranging from 5-12 for men and 6-13 for women and they will set you back about $47 after shipping.

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