Anti-Venom Returns to Toy Shelves in 2012!

Eddie Brock has been a jerk from day one. That's right, the Marvel Comics' character started out whining about Pete Parker being luckier than he was and even went as far to become one, if not THE, biggest Spider-Man villain of all time in the guise of Venom. Years of battery and abuse followed, with limited stints as an anti-hero. Naturally, we were pretty skeptical when this once unrepentant villain became a "healer of men" with his Anti-Venom persona. Boy, we we wrong. Hell, up until the final events of the recent Spider-Island storyline, we were still waiting for this guy to show his true colors and turn on our Friendly Neighborhood Wall Crawler. Regardless of all that, the Anti-Venom costume is a great design and he's been one of the few Marvel Select figures we both missed out on buying AND still want to this day. Now, our friends at Diamond Select Toys are making our unspoken wish come true with the re-release of this fan-favorite figure!

In the 9 years that their Marvel Select toy line has been in existence, one of the most sought-after figures Diamond Select Toys has released has been Eddie Brock as Anti-Venom. With the Spider-Man frenemy recently playing a major part in the "Spider-Island" storyline, as well as taking a spot on Wonder Man's Revengers, and secondary market prices for the sold-out figure soaring into the stratosphere, the tenth anniversary of the Marvel Select line seemed like a great time to bring back the fan-favorite character (originally released in 2009) for another production run. Sculpted by Jean St. Jean, Anti-Venom stands 7 inches tall, with 16 points of articulation and a detailed symbiote base.

Pre-order him today through your local comic shop or the DST site, and look for him in spring 2012 at comic shops, specialty stores and online retailers!

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