Activision To Gamers: Don't Play 'Modern Warfare' 3 Early

Public service announcement: if you somehow got a copy of Modern Warfare 3, do not play it early. Do not get caught online playing it. Just wait.

As can happen sometimes, the street date for a high profile game gets broken (either on purpose or by accident) and copies end up in the hands of eager gamers. Now, a couple of things happen after that which are expected by still kind of nuts: on the developer/publisher side, there's this dance as they figure out what the impact will be on gamers who go online with the game before the official release date. On the gamer side, some will just want to play the and enjoy the game that they may have purchased legitimately from a retailer that simply didn't know better, while others have to play the most goofy game of "first" by streaming the full game online, while other still put their copies up for auction for those who are too rich and too eager to know better than to spend more than retail for a damn video game.

And so it goes with Modern Warfare 3, the latest from Activision and developer Infinity Ward, copies of which made it out into the wild thanks to a few K-Marts. Now, I'm not going to cast blame on the person who sold their copy, because creeps gonna creep, but man, you, the one who bought it for $1700 dollars--you're a bad egg and shouldn't be allowed to have money (from the looks of it, eBay didn't care for the transaction since, as of this writing, the auction has been removed). On the developer and console side, Xbox Live Director of Enforcement and policy Stephen Tolouse ominously warns that "Playing early may impact your account!" (which usually translates to the use of the banhammer).

Wait until Tuesday, folks. You'll get to play all of the Modern Warfare 3 you want then.

[Via The Escapist]

Modern Warfare 3 will be available on November 8 for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

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