Michael Bay-Directed 'Need For Speed: The Run' Trailer Is As Nuts As You'd Expect

Gratuitous slow-mo? Check. Gratuitous flipping cars? Check. Cut within an inch of its life? Oh, this is definitely a Michael Bay trailer for Need For Speed: The Run.

After a day and a half Facebook campaign on the game's page to get 250,000 "Likes" in order to unlock the trailer for November 15th's Need For Speed: The Run, we can now see what Transformers director Michael Bay has wrought. And it's about what you'd expect from the man who never met an explosion that he didn't want to explode some more. The trailer features model/actor Sean Faris as "Jack" and Mad Men star Christina Hendricks.

Here's the plot for this one:

Jack is a marked man.

Jack has just found a way to save his life.

All he needs to do is win an illicit, coast-to-coast race from San Francisco to New York.

It’s called The Run. Three-thousand miles of unforgiving asphalt from San Francisco to New York. No speed limits. No rules. No allies. Armed with just his guts and instinct, Jack battles a field of the most notorious drivers ever assembled. Dense city streets, icy mountain passes and narrow canyons push his driving skills to the limit. Relentlessly hunted by the police, as well as the men who want him dead, Jack is racing for his life.

Need for Speed: The Run Michael Bay Trailer

Need For Speed: The Run will be available November 15th on the Xbox 360, PC, PS3, Wii, and 3DS.

Check out a special behind-the-scenes video for Need For Speed: The Run below!

Need for Speed: The Run Through the Eyes of Michael Bay

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