'Alan Wake,' 'MGS: Rising' And More To Make Appearances At Spike VGAs

Will we finally get another look at Hideo Kojima's latest? Will Remedy be returning to Bright Falls? What's Bioware's big, secret announcement?

Relatively speaking, the VGAs are right around the corner, and that means only one thing: new trailers! The December video game awards show, with its mix of celebrity appearances and game devs rocking out* has more importantly become the go-to place for big, end-of-year gaming trailers and announcements. And the month leading up to it is the go-to time for the show and developers/publishers to start teasing the trailers you'll be seeing during the December event.

Spike TV Executive Producer and the show's host took to the Twitters last Thursday to tease out an upcoming trailer for the latest from Metal Gear Solid: Rising, which has effectively gone dark since making its debut back in 2009. Meanwhile, Alan Wake developers Remedy hinted that an announcement about a follow-up to that game would be around the corner, with Xbox Live's Director of Programming Major Nelson confirming that a new, standalone Alan Wake "experience" was on the way. Finally, Bioware is set to announce... something being developed by an external studio (fingers crossed for Jade Empire 2**).

In the meantime, you can head over to the VGA site to place your own votes for fan favorite awards.

[Via Gamespot]

* There are only two rock stars in video game development: Cliffy B. and Tomonobu Itagaki. Dudes could start some kind of thrash metal/rockabilly thing and I wouldn't even blink.

**I'm maybe like, 30% joking here, at most.

The 2011 Spike TV VGAs will air on Saturday, December 10th at 8 PM ET, and will be simulcast on both Spike TV and MTV2.

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