All Marvel Titles Soon to Be Same-Day Digital

This is huge: via an extensive Gizmodo post from this morning, we've learned that Marvel is joining DC and Image on the day and date digital delivery bandwagon, with all titles in the Marvel and Ultimate Marvel universes being available on your favorite e-reader. This announcement sees the top three publishers embracing digital delivery as a viable platform for new comics. What remains to be seen is how each will, in turn, figure out the best means to market their titles beyond brick and mortar locations, while navigating the quirks of the current systems (did you know you still have to buy comic bundles online and not in-app?).

The big move does come with a couple of caveats, though, first in terms of the timeline of the rollout and second we've got bad news for fans of non Marvel-U stuff. First and foremost, Marvel's not jumping in feet-first as DC did, and simply turning the digital comics switch to "on" today. Instead, the plan is for a phased release of titles as they begin new arcs, a fairly elegant solution to not simply dumping partial stories onto the app. Second, the day and date launch won't apply to licensed titles (sorry, Castle) or Marvel's own MAX line of comics, and I have to assume this also applies to the ICON line of creator-owned titles. Also unclear is the fate of the Crossgen line of books in this whole scheme.

Of course, we're sure to find out more as Marvel begins rolling out the day and date releases.

[via Gizmodo]

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