Geeks for Tots Rewards Charity with Toys!

We here at MTV Geek LOOOOOVVVVEEEE toys! We always have and we always will. Our undeniable affinity for pop culture can easily be traced back to having our tiny hands wrapped around a couple of Star Wars/Masters of the Universe/G.I. Joe/TMNT/X-Men action figures while we ran through the backyard, making up new stories and using our budding imaginations. However, some children aren't quite as fortunate as we were, and with the holidays upon us it's always a great time to help those kids who need it the most.

While an incentive to help out is never needed, it is a great way to get those people involved that might not normally be able to find the time. Luckily, our friends at Geeks for Tots are offering up some great prizes from sponsors all over the internet, for simply donating to Toys for Tots! Here's all the info on the contest, along with a list of some of the prizes:

Win Toys For Helping Tots with Geeks for Tots!

Geeks for Tots is back! The original contest that encourages donations to the Toys for Tots charity is asking geeks to unite and donate toys and enter to win fantastic prizes.

There are far too many kids that won’t get gifts this holiday season and the Toys for Tots program is here to help. Toys for Tots takes new toys and distributes them to kids in need. To encourage donations to the Toys For Tots program, the Geeks For Tots contest is offering prizes to those who send in proof of donations to Toys for Tots.

The Prizes up for grabs are:

- Premium Format Clone Trooper from Sideshow Toys

- Gift cards to Big Bad Toy Store

- Star Wars figures from Brian’s Toy Store

- Gift cards from 80s Tees

- Spider-Man themed Mini-Mates from Luke’s Toy Store

- Necklaces from Bling Squared

- Geeky soap from Yeung Moxey

All that is required to participate in the contest is a picture of the contestant donating at a Toys For Tots drop off box or a forwarded copy of a receipt from an online cash donation at the Toys For Tots website.

More details like where to send the photos and receipts, please visit Geeks For Tots official website.

*As an added bonus, EVERYONE who donates will also receive a 15% off coupon to Yeung Moxey's Etsy store!

Stay tuned to MTV Geek! for all your toy coverage... and ways to make the holidays better for some lucky kids!

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