Review: Mezco Brings the Batmobile to Their Mez-Itz Line!

We're currently snatching up any and all Bat-related merchandise due, in large part, to our addictions to Batman: Arkham City and DC Comics' Batman line from their New 52. While we have lots of intricately detailed and/or super articulated versions of the Dark Knight and his Bat-Family, our collection was lacking a little something-- and we think we've found it in the guise of Mezco Toyz' Batman Mini Mez-Itz w/ Batmobile set! Join us as we take a look at this cute Caped Crusader and his sweet, vinyl ride!

Batman utilizes the familiar Mez-Itz base body with the addition of a new head and cloth cape. Also, his arms have added sculpting for the 3 glove spikes on the back of each tiny forearm. His paintwork is tight and there are no instances of slop on the Dark Knight. His costume is the familiar pre-New 52 black and gray suit with pouch-covered utility belt. He has a ball-joint neck, swivel shoulders and swivel thighs.

The Batmobile consists of two separate pieces: the car base and the windshield/fins. The base has been molded in vinyl, with the windshield and tires being made up of a slightly more rigid plastic. All of the pieces have also been made using a black base, so no worries about scratching through that if you some kid happens to be playing with this badboy outside in the street.

Inside the Batmobile is this cockpit filled with buttons, a bat-symbol shaped steering wheel, and a viewscreen with the Mez-Itz Joker gazing back all crazy-eyed. the steering wheel is sculpted, along with the seats and foot holds for the figures, while the rest is taken care of thanks to a nice decal.

As you can see, the Batmobile has a very recognizable side profile with just the right mix of cartoon-like flair.

All of those taillights and the jet engine are painted on. Mezco could have easily done these with decals, but this is a much nicer touch.

With the top on, the tinted windows obscure Batman and any Catwomen he might have riding shotgun in his bitchin' wheels. However, this is how Bruce looks with the top removed. His feet push down into two pegs in the seat, allowing him to "sit" in the driver's seat.

This set is a great addition to a Bat-fans collection, desk, or the hands of their incredibly lucky kids. The Batman Mini Mez-Itz w/ Batmobile set is available now and for more info, be sure to check out Mezco Toyz official website!

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