Hasbro De-Classified Two New G.I. Joe Sets at NYCC!

Looks like the gang's all here! Both the grape soda-chugging Dreadnoks and the Sergeant's own Slaughters Marauders are going to be fighting their way into the current G.I. Joe line as part of two box sets, available exclusively through our friends at Big Bad Toy Store! During this year's New York Comic Con, the internet rumors were proven true as both gangs of hard-hitting warriors were shown off to the masses at the Hasbro booth.

Check out this exclusive video interview with Hasbro's Derryl DePriest about the fan-favorite sets, followed by a few close up photos from the NYCC G.I. Joe display!

NYCC 2011: Hasbro's G.I. Joe Releases

Two words: Road Pig! we have been eagerly waiting for this Mad Max-cosplayer to be released as a figure ever since G.I. Joe hit its resurgence with the 25th Anniversary line. Thankfully, Hasbro has done him true justice and we are NOT disappointed.

Zanya made her debut during the Devil's Due comic book run. She's the daughter of Zartan and this is her first time ever being released as an action figure. She follows in the footsteps of Agent Helix, Wraith, and only a few others who have made the transition from comic to toy.

Zandar making this set completes Zartan's crazy family tree. Zanya, his sister was the exclusive SDCC figure this year at the Hasbro booth.

Okay, maybe Zanzibar is just one of those characters that even an update can't save. Still, his eye patch is kind of cool.

Spirit has recently gotten a chest tattoo and lost the bird. Good choices.

This is a chance for those of us that never found the regular version of Low-Light in stores. He comes with a different sniper rifle though.

It's been a while since this version of Barbecue has been on store shelves, so for those of you that missed him the first time around-- now's your chance! Plus, this getup looks far better on the battlefield than a big orange jumpsuit.

To preorder these sets, go to Big Bad Toy Store's official website!

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