Take Your First Look At Takashi Miike's 'Phoenix Wright' Movie

Hiroki Narimiya plays Phoenix Wright in Takashi Miike's upcoming film

Full disclosure: I had to resist the urge to title this article "Do You Object to This New Phoenix Wright" image, but thought better of it. Yep, no one ever has to know about my labored attempts at wordplay as I bring you this image (via Crunchyroll) from Takashi Miike's upcoming live-action adaptation of Capcom's Phoenix Wright series of games (aka Gyakuten Saiban).

The colorful, exclamation-prone litigator is known for handling grisly, often potentially career-ending cases through his series of GBA and DS games, and he's being played here by Nana and The Gokusen star Hiroki Narimiya, who, based on his list of credits, is no stranger to adaptations. He's joined by actress Mirei Kiritani as Phoenix's plucky assistant Maya (aka Reiji Mitsurugi in the Japanese original games) and Takumi Saito (13 Assassins, Space Battleship Yamamoto) as Wright's courtroom nemesis, corrupt and flamboyant prosecutor, Miles Edgeworth (aka Mayo Ayasato).

As for Miike, recent years have seen the very busy low-budget director getting a bump in the scope and scale of the productions with which he's been associated. Wright is one of two movies he has on the horizon for 2012, including the romantic drama Ai to Makoto 201X (aka Ai to Makoto: The Legend of Love and Sincerity), which should be hitting screens in Japan in January while Phoenix Wright wraps post-production.

Phoenix Wright will be on Japanese screens next spring.

[Via Crunchyroll]

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