The 'GTA V' Trailer Is Here!

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Consider yourself teased, because the first trailer for GTA V is here. Featuring narration (presumably) by its unknown protagonist, it's an almost one and a half minute look at the new setting for the next entry in Rockstar's series. I'll stop teasing out the teaser and let you check it out for yourself before providing some of my basic impressions for what's sure to be one of the most heavily-analyzed videos of the year.

Grand Theft Auto V Debut Trailer

So what do we know so far? Well, from the looks of it, the setting is going to be huge, ranging from the usual urban environments to mountains to fields of wind turbines outside of Los Angeles--or "Los Santos" as it's dubbed here, making a return from San Andreas. And like all GTA titles, our lead appears to be a transplant to his fictional city, looking to make a better life and getting drawn into the typical world of violence and crime that the series is known for. Currently, there's no hint that the new story will be juggling multiple narratives as was recently rumored by Kotaku and other outlets. I'm guessing that if there was no hint of it here--hey, this trailer does a LOT of setup--then it's unlikely to be a core part of the new game.

So what else? Without watching it the dozen or more times that I'm certain to at this point, I'm not sure. But stay tuned to MTV Geek for more coverage of GTA V as it develops.

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