Blair Butler On Why Her First Comic Has 'Heart'

There’s a tricky road to walk when you cross over in the comic book industry from being a critic, to being the subject of criticism. Plenty of writers have made the leap – from Gail Simone, to Mark Waid; but plenty more haven’t, suffering under the crushing, “You’ve made fun of me for years, and this is the best you could produce?”

Happily, Blair Butler, host of G4’s Fresh Ink section of Attack of the Show shouldn’t have a lot to worry about, as her earnest Mixed Martial Arts comic Heart launches this week from Image Comics, with art by Kevin Mellon. The book doesn’t try to be the next mega-franchise, or redefine how we look at comics. Instead, it takes a look at MMA from the perspective of an insider and a fan, which Butler (sort of) is both.

We chatted with Butler about the book at New York Comic Con this year, and the host (now writer!) said, “It’s about this guy named Oren Rooster who gets tired of punching the clock, and finds he’s good at punching guys in the face… And making them go violently to sleep.”

NYCC 2011: Blair Butler Talks 'Heart'

For those who might be worried that a newbie comic writer like Butler might be behind schedule, or never finish the mini… Worry no more! “Barring cataclysmic events, the book should ship on time,” Butler told us, explaining that they’ve already finished the first two issues, and are well on their way with the rest of the series.

NYCC 2011: Blair Butler On The Struggles Of Finding An Artist

Despite that polish, though, Butler is still EXTREMELY excited to be able to do what she gets to do for a living. “If I could get into a time machine, and find out that I’d get to cover Mixed Martial Arts and comic books for a living, I would be so excited I’d probably pass out,” said Butler. “Which is why time travel is a terrible idea."

NYCC 2011: Blair Butler On Writing And Comics

Heart #1 hits comic book stands on November 2, 2011 from Image Comics!

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