'Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary' Launch Trailer Brings Back Floods Of Memories

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary

Ten years after it was launched alongside the original Xbox (and twelve years after Steve Jobs originally announced it for Macs), "Halo: Combat Evolved" is making its high definition debut on the Xbox 360. Re-released as "Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary," you'll step into the armored shoes of Master Chief once again to relive his original adventure, and take advantage of ten years worth of technology and updates.

Aside from just revamping the graphics, 343 Industries (Microsoft's internal developer that has taken the "Halo" franchise over from Bungie) have included achievements, terminals, skulls, co-op, and support for 3D and Kinect. If all that isn't enough "Halo: CEA" even includes the option to switch between the game's updated graphics, and the original Xbox graphics at a touch of the Back button. If that little nugget doesn't start the flames of nostalgia burning, check out the Launch Trailer below, and just try and remember how many nights you spent playing just one more game of multiplayer.

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Exclusive Launch Trailer

Rediscover the origins of Master Chief, Cortana, The Covanant, 343 Guilty Spark, and more when "Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary" is released on November 15th exclusively on the Xbox 360. Get ready to restart the fight, that you thought that you finished back in 2007, in "Halo 3."

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