Warning: There Be Dragons in This Box

Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures didn't die, they just faded away. Wizards of the Coast is cracking open the vault to release a new collection of D&D namesake dragon miniatures just in time for the holiday season.

As a set of five, this limited-edition box takes three previously seen sculpts (red, blue, and black dragons) and combines them with two brand new models (green and white dragons) to capture the full span of D&D's most iconic beasts.

Check out more photos from this collector's set unboxing after the break:

The back of the box gives a pretty clear picture of exactly what you'll get inside

Presentation is important for this type of product, so each dragon is featured in their own bubble

If you want these little beasts to be more than shelf candy, the double-sided stat cards will allow them to be used in your next D&D session.

5 dragons walk into a bar...

The models themselves won't blow you away, but the move to package them in a collector's box was a wise one. Launching in stores on November 4th at a suggested retail of $44.95, this clearly identified gift set will give those non-gaming friends and family members an easy option for escaping the local game shop with something you may actually use in your next campaign.