'Supernatural' 1.06: 'Slash Fiction' Recap

In this week's episode, Sam and Dean get murderous doppelgangers, while Bobby attempts to MacGuyver some kind of means of hurting Leviathan.

After seven season of being the mysterious guys at the center of all kinds of horrific carnage, how is there not a government "Sam and Dean Winchester Taskforce?" They get one, kind of, this week, as two Leviathan heavies roam the country wearing Sam and Dean suits, shooting up convenience stores, diners, and banks in a ploy to alternately draw the boys out and turn up the heat on them. If sending their top man out to kill Sam and Dean doesn't work, this seems like as good a strategy as any, pinning the boys down and forcing them to rethink their habits going forward.

Meanwhile, Bobby spends the bulk of the episode in a bit of one-on-one time with "Chet," the Leviathan crony who almost took Sam and Dean out last episode. Bobby's going through every kill method in the book to find a way to simply hurt the black-blooded menace, but Leviathan has no known/obvious weaknesses, and heals from pretty much anything thrown at them. It's a chance for the Supernatural writers to lay out some of what Leviathan knows and how it/they know it, specifically, that the season's big villain knows all there is to know about the boys thanks to spending time inside Castiel--including their contacts, safe houses, and aliases.

Mostly, this episode allows the show to get a little meta about Sam and Dean via their clones, who have the Winchesters' memories and aren't all that happy about walking around with all of the boys' complicated baggage knocking about in their heads. Essentially, the clones can't believe Sam and Dean are even able to function thanks to all of the self-doubt, secrecy, and shared trauma that have been their stock and trade for the last seven seasons. Calling it out like this is cute and all, but I wonder if the writers of the show--pushing forward another storyline right in that wheelhouse--are considering ways to push Sam and Dean outside of that box they've been in since the show's beginning, and find new directions for their characters to move towards.

Finally, we get to put a face for the head of Leviathan, and he's placed about how you'd expect the nefarious head of a Purgatory-bound race of people eaters to be. And thanks to a surreptitious conversation with Crowley, we learn that Leviathan has a... complicated relationship with demons.

Supernatural airs Friday nights at 9 PM on the CW.

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