Review: Halloween Safety with the Ghostbuster Ghost Trap Prop Replica

While we were in NYC for this year's New York Comic-Con, a package showed up on our doorstep that made us want to rush back home: Mattel's Ghost Trap prop! Holy crap, this thing is amazing-- but still hasn't manage to contain any of the full-bodied apparitions in our toy-filled abode. With Halloween upon us, what better time to review our best defense against the supernatural than today? Join us as we take a closer look at Mattel's Ghostbusters' Ghost Trap.

The Trap comes encased in a cardboard "crate" in the same way as the previously released PKE Meter, except much, much larger. Upon opening the box, there is a few very tightly packed pieces of styrofoam encasing the various pieces of the Ghost Trap. Don't worry folks, this thing is incredibly easy to assemble.

Once unpacked, there are 3 separate pieces: the trap, the pedal, and the connecting hose. simply push both ends of the hose into the receptacles and this puppy is ready to go... after installing a few AA batteries, that is. also, you'll notice the center of the trap is removed. It slides out with the push of a button to simulate being installed into the containment unit.

As far as construction goes, the Ghost Trap is pretty solid. granted, it's still constructed of plastic, but its all pretty rigid. The on/off switch on the Trap itself is metal, so no worries there about snapping it off. The familiar yellow and black caution stripes are present on the lid of the Trap along with smaller details like the various dials in silver and black, along with warning labels.

On the side of the Ghost Trap are two silver cylinders that can be removed are replaced with red ones to mimic the change between Ghostbusters and it's sequel. They snap easily on and off using a peg and hole system and they don't have any looseness whatsoever.

The pedal is constructed of plastic with a rubber "gasket" running beneath it. Although the pedal itself feels thin when putting your weight down on it, there doesn't seem to be any indication that it will flex and break during use. The detailing on the pedal, like the rest of the trap, is spot-on.

After the Trap is turned on, you can roll it out across the floor, thanks to it's wheels, and hit the pedal for the first round of lights and sound effects! the lids open and white light rips up through the opening as the sounds of ghost-capturing power flow out of the speaker. A second touch of the pedal has the lights turning an ominous red before the lids snap shut and the ghost is contained. A yellow light bar on the front of the trap shows when it has been sealed. The coolest part is the random sounds and lights that break through the lid as if the apparition is trying to escape. The trap even jerks to the side on occasion, thanks secretly to the wheels being rigged to move on one side only by the switch.

Overall, the Ghost Trap sets the bar exceptionally high for future Matty Collector prop releases. It's well made, painted appropriately, and the actions, lights, and sound effects are perfect. We imagine a lot of Ghostbuster cosplayers will have this puppy strapped on with the rest of their gear during the 2012 con-season.

The Ghost Trap hit the Matty Collector site during their October sale and didn't last long at all (no surprise there). Sadly, this is one of those cases where Ebay may be your best bet to score one of these. For more info on this product, the entire Ghostbusters line, and all of Mattel's other collector-based toys, be sure to check out the Matty Collector website!

As an added Halloween treat, here's a video of Mattel's Ghostbusters offerings at this year's SDCC:

SDCC 2011: Mattel's Rhobyn De Jesus On Ghostbusters

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