Review: Have a Huggable Halloween with Creepy Cuddlers!

What could be cuter and more hug-worthy than the rotting corpses of humans and animals? Not a lot-- if you're judging by Mezco Toyz latest release: The Creepy Cuddlers line of plush toys! This line, by the makers of the infamous Living Dead Dolls, allows for kids of all ages to get in on the zombie-lovin' that the world seems to be wrapped in as of late, and what better time for a review of these toys than Halloween? Join us as we review the morbid majesty of the Creepy Cuddlers to see if their tricks are less than their treats!

First up is the Living Dead Doll Creepy Cuddlers:

You think that last one, based on Sadie, is disturbing? Then you'll love this next one!

This "Cuddler" features a furry bunny suit-- that she probably skinned off someone's favorite plush toy! Both of the LDD Cuddlers are constructed well and there is no hint of loose stitching to be seen. While the lips and "X" are made of felt, the darkness around the eyes has been painted on.

Next up, we have the Zombie Creepy Cuddlers:

There are no names given for these toys on their tags, so we've affectionately named them Jack and Jill. Both are constructed from cloth that has been applied in layers. This works well on the "skin" which has been slashed in order to see the red cloth beneath, giving the appearance of bloody meat under the surface. Fun! Both Jill's gritted teeth and Jack's t-shirt brain logo have been applied separately like an iron-on sticker.

This kitty looks a little worse for wear thanks to the thicker fur use din it's construction that allows for a more matted look. Of course, having an exposed ribcage never helped matters either when it comes to being healthy...

This Zombie Creepy Cuddlers Monkey is available at Thing, and while it also doesn't have a true name, we're pretty sure it's Timmy since it strikes a remarkable resemblance to Think Geek's simian mascot...y'know, if he were killed and partial decomposed. He is comprised of yet another type fur that is cropped much shorter.

All in all, Mezco Toyz' Creepy Cuddlers are possibly some of their highest quality offerings to date. we can't recommend them high enough for any fans of plush toys, zombies, or nightmares about plush zombie toys.

For info on these and other Mezco Toyz products, be sure to hit up their official website. As for the Creepy Cuddlers Monkey and your other nerd-needs, Think Geek has got you covered!

Happy Halloween Geeks!

Stay tuned to MTV Geek! for all your Mezco Toyz and zombie-related coverage!

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