Oni Press Brings Back Courtney Crumrin, Dishes Out More Black Metal

Just in time for Halloween, Oni Press has announced that it will be bringing back Ted Naifeh’s Courtney Crumrin—in color!

“It’s our 15-year anniversary, and we want to do a combination of old and new things,” said Oni’s marketing director Cory Casoni, introducing the new Courtney Crumrin books at the Oni Press panel at New York Comic Con. The series will in April with a new edition of Courtney Crumrin and the Night Things, and Naifeh will be doing new Courtney Crumrin monthly comics beginning in the spring.

Courtney Crumrin is a girl with magical powers who lives and travels with her mysterious Uncle Aloysius. “I like to call her Harry Potter with gumption, because she is willing to feed her enemies to trolls,” said Casoni. “The beauty of Courtney is that she doesn’t always do well at the things she does, and she uses magic inappropriately until she learns the ropes.”

Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt were on hand to talk about The Sixth Gun, their horror-western series about a cursed gun and the characters, both human and undead, who are trying to get their hands on it. (The entire first issue is available online.) “It’s like Lord of the Rings meets Dead West,” said Casoni.

Bunn, who grew up in the South and has a Southerner's sense of the gothic, talked a bit about the gallows tree that appears on the opening page of the first issue. "I have had that in my mind since I was a small child," he said. "I grew up in the country where there were haints all over the place. There were haints in the holler." Issue 16 of The Sixth Gun came out this week, and the third volume of the trade is due out in the spring; Bunn said that he and Hurtt have a definite ending for the story in mind, and the whole series will run about 50 issues.

The third Halloween-friendly title is the second volume of Black Metal, by Rick Spears and Chuck BB. “In the first book you have these two brothers, Sam and Stan, teenage metalheads,” explained Spears. They get a record by a Norwegian metal band and play it backwards, and it opens a portal to a demonic world.” The brothers descend into hell to get the Sword of Legend, but as Casoni points out, “There is only one sword but there are two boys, so they have to get another one.” The second book chronicles their battle to get the second swod.

The October lineup also includes two all-ages titles, Power Lunch, by J. Torres and Dean Trippe, and Sketch Monsters, by Joshua Williamson and Vinny Navarrete that were released this week.

Power Lunch is the story of a boy named Joey who has been told all his life that he is allergic to any food that isn’t white. When he finally tries some of the forbidden foods, he discovers they give him superpowers—carrots allow him to see through walls, for instance.

("What happens when he eats beans?" someone in the audience asked, and some wag responded "He turns into The Rocketeer.")

Sketch Monsters is about a girl who deals with her emotions by drawing them as monsters in her sketchbook. “One day all her sketches decide to pop out of the book and run amok, and she has to deal with them, get hold of these critters who represent all these emotions and deal with her emotions,” Casoni said.

Casoni also teased another upcoming project, Brian Churilla’s The Secret History of D.B. Cooper, which was announced the same week the FBI reopened the real D.B. Cooper case. “I have four pages that the FBI is allowing me to show,” Casoni said, but he stayed mum other than to say that the book will be released in March.

Casoni wrapped up the panel by directing five audience members in a dramatic reading of a page from The Sixth Gun, including sound effects, bringing the entire audience in for the final “Fwooshooom!”

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