HeroClix Announces New Star Trek Tactics Game

Some early renderings of the Star Trek HeroClix: Tactics models

WizKids is preparing to boldly take its HeroClix lineup where no game has gone before. In February 2012, the HeroClix system will branch out with a new game, Star Trek HeroClix: Tactics, that brings space ship combat to your table with a 100% HeroClix-compatible rules set.

While that will bring down the learning curve for fans already familiar with the system, the Tactics tagline on this set is meant to differentiate it from Modern and Golden Age HeroClix figures, which will not be mixed together for purposes of tournament play. This represents a new branch in the HeroClix lineup, with Star Trek getting its own standalone game.

The set includes over 20 models and will be sold in single-figure boosters or a 4-ship booster (pictured below).

The decision to merge HeroClix and Star Wars must have been a no-brainer for WizKids, as both properties have been massive successes for the company as of late. The revival of HeroClix brand was more popular than anyone expected, to the point that recent sets have run into product shortages. As for Star Trek, the company first exercised the rights this summer with Star Trek: Expeditions and Star Trek: Fleet Captains, both of which have been critically praised.