Discovery Special Asks 'How Evil Are You' With Filmmaker Eli Roth

How evil is horror director Eli Roth? This Discovery Channel special will find out!

The Discovery Channel is getting into the act with the Halloween-themed entry in their Curiosity series, "How Evil Are You," directed and hosted by Hostel writer-director Eli Roth.

Here's the synopsis:

Actor/Director Eli Roth is no stranger to exploring the nature of evil. As a master of horror with films like Inglorious Basterds and Hostel, Roth turns his lens to research possibly the most horrifying monster of them all - the average American. In CURIOSITY’s “How Evil are You?”, Roth sets out to recreate the infamous Milgram experiment to see how, or if, the results have changed. Roth himself even undergoes tests and scans to see if he carries what researchers dub "the evil gene." So does Hollywood's famous horror director have a little extra ‘edge’ in his craft?...

You may not know the Milgram Experiment by name, but it's likely that you remember it from a brief description. Essentially, Yale psychologist Stanley Milgram sought to determine the limits of authority by tasking volunteers to deliver shocks to an unknown respondent when the respondent answered a series of questions incorrectly. Milgram's experiment--an excellent look at the relationship between authority and obedience, but not necessarily evil per se--is one of the reasons we have stricter constraints on psychological testing and the type of duress subjects can be put through.

Curiosity: How Evil Are You airs Sunday, October 30th at 9PM ET on the Discovery Channel.

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