IDW Releasing A 'Mars Attacks' Ongoing Comic in 2012

IDW plans to provide a regular dose of alien menace starting next year.

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Mars Attacks, IDW has announced that they're teaming up with playing card makers Topps to release a monthly comic based on the alien invasion series. The original 1962 trading cards by artist Wally Wood told the story of a martian invasion and human efforts to repel the extraterrestrial incursion. Many of you may remember it though, from the mind-bogglingly terrible Tim Burton movie from '96 which played up the camp of the concept so thoroughly, there wasn't any camp left for the rest of that year and early '97.

The garish and truly wonderful images from Wood's original cards seem to be the jumping off point for the new series, with a little bit of the goof-off factor of the movie, as IDW plans on "bringing the brand’s outrageous action and dark humor to a new set of tales." Currently, there are no details on creative talent linked to the book.

Personally, I would love it if they drafted Eric Powell--who's been working on their Godzilla series--to take a stab at the material. It feels like he would have just the right sensibilities, with a mix of black-as-pitch humor, violence, and an ear for retro dialog.

IDW's Mars Attacks will be on shelves sometime next summer.

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