Stunning Photos From Ejen Chuang's 'Cosplay In America' Exhibit

An amazing example of cosplay from photographer Ejen Chuang's new book and exhibit

Starting this weekend, photographer Ejen Chuang will begin exhibiting photos from his book Cosplay In America at ICON Projects in L.A. The book and exhibit are the culmination of 1600 photos taken by Chuang at various conventions across the country since 2009. You can see more images and details from the exhibition after the break.

The exhibition will be running from October 28th through December 16th at L.A.'s The ICON, and on Halloween, from 7-9 there will be a free reception, followed by an after party at Hollywood's Boulevard 3. Admission to the party is half-off to anyone who shows up in costume.

Here's Chuang explaining the genesis of the project and his motivations for self-publishing:

As to why I self-published my own book--I've been into anime and comics since I was a kid (my first con was A-kon in Dallas, TX). For a number of years I was out of the scene working in the real world and when I came back to cons in 2008, I realized the scene had changed and

cosplayers were getting more sophisticated at putting their outfits together. I had a few open credit cards so I flew out to 6 anime cons in America, photographed about 1,600 cosplayers coast to coast and edit it down to 262 that you see in the book today representing 30 states.

I'm kind of a book person so I made sure it was hardcover, a good size (8x10) and printed well. Luckily I had help in finding a printer in Shanghai and in May 2010, the first copies arrived here in Los Angeles via freighter. If you look through it, you'll see pretty much what one would see at any con in America - people of different backgrounds all together united under a love of fandom. I hope this will be here somewhere for decades to come as a reference book as to what cosplay was around the year 2010.

Me? I'm excited to see what cosplay is like in the year 2030!

You can find out more details about the exhibition at the Cosplay In America site. You can find Ejen Chuang's book, Cosplay In America here.

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