Check Out The Latest "Walking Dead" Action Figures From NYCC!

McFarlane Toys had a small setup as part of the Image Comics booth at this year's New York Comic Con. While only keeping it to two display cases, they were constantly blocked and surrounded by rabid fans of the company's various toy lines. In fact, you should be amazed we were even able to battle our way through the hordes of undead fully living The Walking Dead enthusiasts to bring you photos of the TV Series figure premieres!

The lineup is Rick, Daryl, and two slack-jawed zombies. They look to have a lot of the same articulation as the Comic Series figures, but Rick has v-hips. Ugh.

Daryl's hip articulation is the much better T-style we're used to. You can easily tell thanks to our camera apparently choosing to focus only on his crotch. Don't judge us!

A Walking Dead toy that actually walks? Yessssssssss!

This. This is grayscale Rick is THE figure we want! He'll go great next to our Sin City and TMNT figures.

These figures are set to hit stores beginning in November, but the set was on sale during the show. Did we buy one? No. Do we regret it? We curse ourselves everytime we draw breath! For more on these and other McFarlane Toys releases, be sure to check out their official website! To watch the show full of zombie-killin' and people screaming, The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights on AMC.

Stay tuned to MTV Geek! for all your McFarlane Toys and New York Comic Con coverage!

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