Angry Birds Meets Hitchcock in G4's "The Birds Of Anger" (video)

Everybody's favorite mobile game takes a turn for the dark in "The Birds Of Anger," part of G4's Epictober Film Festival. It's an Angry Birds/Hitchcock mashup as we're introduced to a world where the agitated avians not only target pigs -- but humans!

"The Birds of Anger" reimagines Angry Birds in a more realistic (and scary!) setting

"The Birds Of Anger is directed by Gregg Bishop, director of the “Dance of the Dead” -- and you might recognize the the raven-haired leading lady, Jaimie Alexander, as Sif from Thor. Anyway, here's the short film "The Birds Of Anger" -- those with delicate constitutions might want to just stick with the best-selling Rovio game.

Game Reviews - E3 2012 - Angry Birds

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