The Cast of 'Eagleheart' Talk Season Two With MTV Geek at NYCC

Eagleheart Season Two promises to be "crazier, violent-er, and funnier"

With season two of the Adult Swim live action mystic/martial arts spoof Eagleheart on the horizon, actors Chris Elliott (always and forever Cabin Boy), Maria Thayer (Strangers With Candy), and Brett Gelman (Fat Guy Stuck In Internet) joined MTV Geek to tease out what was coming up for the series.

"Crazier, violent-er, and funnier." That's how star Chris Elliott describes the upcoming second season of Eagleheart, where he plays leather vest-wearing U.S. Marshall, Chris Monsanto. And you have to wonder how much more violent the notoriously gory show is going to get in the second season given just the sheer amount of fake blood on display in each 11-minute installment of this Conan O'Brien-produced series.

It's not all blood and guts, though, as Elliott, Thayer, and Gelman promise that season two will also be about creating more of an ensemble feel for the show, giving Thayer and Gelman's characters more time to shine as writers the writers seek to evolve and tweak the formula.

NYCC 2011: Chris Elliot, Maria Thayer and Brett Gelman Talks 'Eagleheart' Writers

Gelman explains that he sees Eagleheart as sharing the DNA of Elliott's surreal Fox show, Get A Life, where Elliott played a man-child paperboy still living at home in blissfully selfish obliviousness. Gelman actually describes Eagleheart--with its share of surreal moments and similarly underdeveloped man-child lead as "an action-adventure Get A Life."

NYCC 2011: Chris Elliot, Maria Thayer and Brett Gelman Chat About Elliot's Comic Sensibilities on 'Eagleheart'

Executive Producer Jason Woliner elaborated on the concept, saying that the stories all start out as cases involving the three principal characters which get more elaborately bizarre as the 11-minutes wear on. He explains that they didn't want to simply spoof cop shows, but wanted to actually change up the genres and the expectations of the story in the middle of every episode.

NYCC 2011: Michael Koman and Jason Woliner Explain 'Eagleheart'

Season two of Eagleheart will make its debut on Adult Swim next March.

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