[Rumor] 'GTA V' Might Be Set in A Fictionalized L.A., Juggle Multiple Characters

Consider Kotaku officially getting the rumor mill started in earnest, with some of their sources claiming that the recently announced GTA V be returning to the West Coast with a fictionalized version of L.A.. If true, this could open up all sorts of interesting story possibilities for the next game in the franchise, given that Rockstar has, in the past, seemed keen on drawing something essential and elemental about their fictional cities into the stories. With Vice City it was all about the 80's a cocaine-based crime; San Andreas represented nearly every South Central-set 'hood story from the 90's; meanwhile, IV was all about the immigrant experience in their New York stand-in, Liberty City. If the next game is set in an L.A.-alike, expect it to spend a lot of time skewering Hollywood and celebrity.

The second rumor, Kotaku has been following up on involves the next game having multiple selectable protagonists. They then cite the episodic content from IV as an example. My suspicion at this point is that Rockstar will actually continue the episodic model, with one core game and DLC side stories. I'll tell you why I think this is the case, and why I think I could be wrong on this score: Rockstar has spent the last decade habituating gamers to a certain long-form narrative/gaming experience. Adding multiple selectable characters would split that time up to deliver rounded, complete experiences for each of their characters in the same disc-based game. Now, here's why I could just be full of it: what if any additional characters aren't selectable, but actually integrated into one long story, swapping out a narrative checkpoints. In that way, no one will feel like they're getting "swindled" out of any game time and Rockstar can maintain a coherent narrative.

It's fun playing the guessing game.

[via Kotaku]

The new trailer will make its debut on November 2.

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