New Batman Legacy Figures: Arkham City, Nightwing, And More!

Now that Nightwing is playable in Arkham City, it's cool to have the Batman Legacy figure too!

At New York City Comic Con, Batman: Arkham City was everywhere! While DC Direct showed off a ton of figures, and also had stations set up for fans to play the video game from Rocksteady, Mattel brought their own figures of the Dark Knight to the show including a few from Arkham City as well. At first it seemed odd that two companies would be producing so many toys based on a video game. Then, we punched ourselves in the face for being so cynical. Two toylines mean a ton of badass Batman will be on our shelves-- and what's so wrong with that?! Mattel bolstered their Arkham ranks with some other appearances of Batman from both the recent films and the early days of DC Comics.

This two-pack is painted to match the promo art from the game. Simply wrap Catwoman (who looks way too tall) seductively around Bats, and you'll have yourself a 3-D representation of the Arkham City poster artwork.

...and here they are in full color. While Catwoman manages to look incredible, there's something off about the blue on Bruce's gear. Still, it's not a deal breaker and we'll be getting both versions of this two-pack as soon as we can.

Nightwing was hidden away in the lower corner of the display case, but nothing could stop him from being a shining beacon of badassery! We are stoked that Dick Grayson is playable (as a DLC) in the Arkham City game, and now we can have him him standing back to back with Bats as they throw down with our other AC figures. That's a dream comin' true, people!

Harley looks even better here than here DC Direct counterpart and comes with her striped bat-- for hitting.

This two-pack was shown at SDCC and features Batman (a straight reissue) and the Joker disguised as a policeman from The Dark Knight film. We love getting characters like the Joker and previously released Jim Gordon, but we don't really need these Batmen. They could definitely benefit from some extra paint apps or something to differentiate them from previous releases and make the pack more desirable.

From the comic book side of the Legacy line, we have this First Appearance Batman. While it's cool that his cape drapes across his shoulders, the rest of his costume begs the question: Just what kind of pansy criminals was he putting fear into back in those days?

Lastly, Mattel had this version of Catwoman in her classic costume. Nothing overly impressive here, just a solid figure of a classic character.

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