The ThunderCats Meet The Most Adorable Robot Bears Ever! Video And Images For Ep. 9, "Berbils"

ThunderCats And Robot Bears: a perfect combination!

It's time for a preview of a new episode of Cartoon Network's hit series, ThunderCats! "Berbils" airs this Friday, October 28th at 8:30/7:30c:

Tiny robot bears solicit the help of the ThunderCats to save them from a slave trader who values their technical and construction skills. The Cats help to rescue enslaved Berbils and defend their village. Panthro learns that's he's not the only "wrench monkey" and bonds with Robear Bill.

Check out screencaps and video clips for "Berbils" below and don't forget to catch the latest episode of ThunderCats!

ThunderCats, ep. 9: "Berbils" Clip 1

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