Patton Oswalt: "The Heart, She Holler" Is Basically Hee-Haw Via David Lynch

 Patton Oswalt: "Think of the worst Williamsburg hipster and what they think the South is, and amp that up and that's what this show is."

On November 6, Adult Swim is unleashing their first six-night, six-part, live-action miniseries event upon the the world with The Heart, She Holler. And series star Patton Oswalt spoke to MTV Geek about it!

The Heart, She Holler star describes his latest project, the live-action miniseries coming to Adult Swim as "basically Hee-Haw if they brought in Cronenberg and Lynch directed a couple of episodes." And from the look of its sizzle reel (below), that's not too far off the mark. Well, okay, I'd substitute Lynch and Cronenberg with Heidecker and Wareheim or Araki and Pee Wee Herman, but it's Oswalt's series, so I'll allow for his assessment. "Think of the worst Williamsburg hipster and what they think the South is, and amp that up and that's what this show is," he explains.

NYCC 2011: What is 'The Heart, She Holler'?

Oswalt was joined at New York Comic Con by co-stars Kristen Schaal, Joseph Sikora, and Heather Lawless as well as series creators John Lee and Alyson Levy. The show's creator's joked that their previous collaboration, Horse Apples, was pitched to BET and CMT, but couldn't find a loving home for its particular brand of humor, while The Heart, She Holler was welcomed by Adult Swim with open arms.

NYCC 2011: Is Adult Swim the Only Network for 'The Heart, She Holler?'

When Oswalt described the show as "amped" that seems to be a an apt word for this series featuring ghosts, ghost sex, attempted fratricide, brother-sister kissing, and mayoral succession by inheritance. Here's the official synopsis:

Boss Hoss Heartshe owns 98.5% of Heartshe Holler and keeps the other 1.5% in a hidey hole. Upon his death, the hole is opened to reveal a secret son, Hurlan. Watch as his blood grubbing heirs Hurshe, the coquettish daughter closest to Hoss’ heart and nether regions and Hambrosia, Hoss’ other only child with a fearsome ability to scorch eyeballs with her mental powers, wrestle for every sort of supremacy that power provides. Their miseries and mysteries collide in this first-ever Adult Swim six night miniseries event.

'The Heart, She Holler' Trailer


The Heart, She Holler six-part miniseries begins Sunday, November 6th at 12:30 on Adult Swim, with a new episode airing every night through November 11.

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