Hasbro's David Vonner Discusses 3 Marvel-ous Lines at NYCC

Fan-Favorite Jubilee is getting her own Marvel Universe action figure!

Hasbro scored the license for Marvel action figures a few years ago from Toy Biz, and has really taken the ball and ran with it. At this year's New York Comic Con, the display cases filled with tiny Marvel Comics' brawlers was constantly surrounded and we fought our way through the masses for our talk with designer David Vonner regarding their Marvel Universe, Marvel Legends, and the Avengers movie-based lines.

NYCC 2011: Hasbro's Marvel's Action Figures

That's right, there are tons and tons of new figures planned for the coming year in all three lines. We're most surprised by just how deep the character selection is getting with the Marvel Universe figures. With the showing of Professor X in his hover chair, and the announcement that the Jim Lee-era Jean Grey is in development, the full 90's X-Men cast is almost complete. Here's another look at a few of the upcoming Marvel Universe releases:

Don't worry. We were told that this prototype wasn't seated properly in it's chair and that the figure definitely fits correctly.

Jubilee is wearing the darker colors (minus that blinding trench coat) of her recent appearances in the X-Men comic...y'know, the one where she's a vampire. However, she obviously comes with her power accessory that clips to her hand, so we're guessing a 90's paint scheme can't be too far behind. Either way, it's about time she had an action figure other than that terrible Generation X one.

Blastaar here is a favorite of Vonner's and scores an awesome facial sculpt. He'll also possibly have a variant with translucent "blasting" hands!

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