Wine, Women, and the Cutest Cat Ever: New Manga for October 25

"Wine manga" Drops of God Vol. 1 is the buzzed-about manga of the week!

The last week of the month tends to be a slow time for manga releases, and this week is no exception. There aren't a lot of new books popping up online or in bookstores, but the good news is that those options are all pretty solid.

Vertical wins the interesting-manga award this week with the release of vol. 1 of Drops of God, the manga that does for wine what Oishinbo did for food. It even has a similar premise: A handsome guy with daddy issues has to prove he's the best at his father's trade. The main character in this story, Shizuku, rebelled against his wine-critic father by becoming (gasp!) a beer salesman. Then his father dies, and the will specifies that Shizuku can only inherit his father's valuable wine collection if he proves his merit as a wine taster by correctly identifying 12 different wines. And there's another, equally handsome young man vying for the same prize. If that's not your cup of tea, check out Vertical's other offering for this week, vol. 7 of Chi's Sweet Home, the latest set of stories about the adorable cat Chi.

Vol. 19 of Oh My Goddess, fresh from Dark Horse this week, features some wackiness involving a mad scientist who is obsessed with robots.

Kodansha Comics has just one new release this week: Vol. 20 of Air Gear, the inline-skating battle manga from Oh! Great, the creator of Tenjho Tenge. If previous volumes are any guide, you can expect plenty of fighting and fanservice in this latest volume. Oh! Great isn't for everybody—my impression is that people either love him or hate him—so this is a good week for fans.

A new yaoi title has popped up at the digital manga site JManga: Wild Butterfly, a wartime romance between two teachers, originally released by June manga.

As always, this is a roundup of new manga that are appearing in bookstores or online this week; release dates for comics stores will vary.

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