A Fangtastic First Look At Vampirella #15!

'Tis the season for all things fanged, which makes it the perfect time to check out the comic book Vampirella! We're pleased to give you the first look at Vampirella #15, hitting stores in January:

In the ruined depths of a forgotten, dead city, Vampirella and her human ally, Sofia Murray, face down a pack of Russian werewolves, a ghost that feeds on guilt, and the final doomsday plan of an old enemy: the sinister Von Kreist. And this time, the price of victory may be more than even Vampirella can bear. Secrets are revealed, confidences are betrayed, and a long-dormant conspiracy bears sinister fruit...

Vampirella #15 is written by Eric Trautmann and illustrated by Jose Malaga; here's your first peek at the covers for the issue, by Paul Renaud, Fabiano Neves, Ale Garza, and Lucio Parrillo:

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