From Batman To "The Fixer" - Frank Miller Talks "Holy Terror" And His Respect For Batman

Frank Miller discusses Holy Terror at New York Comic Con

The Fixer, the protagonist of Frank Miller's new graphic novel Holy Terror, and Batman both fight crime and avenge the wronged -- but similarities end there. MTV Geek had a chance to chat with the comic book legend recently at New York Comic Con, where he expressed his great love and respect for Batman the character, and how Holy Terror  -- which was originally conceived as a book starring the Caped Crusader -- diverged into a universe of its own.

The Fixer from Frank Miller's new graphic novel Holy Terror

"As I worked on the story, I realized the character was not Batman..." Miller said. "I have a great deal of respect for Warner Bros.' territorial need for Batman as a multi-million dollar franchise, and also have a lot of respect for Batman because I've worked with him so much and love him so much."

Miller said he has a lot of love and respect for Batman

While one might think that pulling Holy Terror away from the Batman franchise and reconceiving it as its own entity might have caused some friction between Miller and DC Entertainment, but the writer/artist confirmed otherwise:

"I talked to DC about it and we came to an agreement on it -- and it was all very amicable."

Holy Terror, from Legendary Comics, is out now in stores! You can watch the rest of our interview with Frank Miller below:

NYCC 2011: From Batman to 'The Fixer'

NYCC 2011: Frank Miller Explains 'Holy Terror'

NYCC 2011: Frank Miller On 'Holy Terror' Controversy

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