New Comics for 10/26/11: Hulk, Wolverine, and Spaceman

Check out Marc Silvestri's much-anticipated run on The Incredible Hulk this week!

Another week, another batch of comics – though this week we get some exciting new number one issues, including one of my personal most anticipated OGNs of the year: DROPS OF GOD, VOL 1. The reissued Manga seems to have been in bookstores forever, but comic book shops (you know, book stores with pictures?) are finally snagging an English-translated copy of the seminal wine manga this week. So that should be good.

"Wine manga" The Drops Of God will cleanse your palette

Other number one books? Well, Marvel has a slew, including the Jason Aaron double dose of INCREDIBLE HULK #1 and WOLVERINE AND X-MEN #1. Both bring the writer’s off-beat sense of character to two of Marvel’s headliners: in the former, the Hulk is the hero, going up against evil villain Bruce Banner; in the second, Wolverine dons a suit and tie to run a school. And both, according to all reports, are awesome.

100 Bullets team Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso team up again for Spaceman

Over at Vertigo, we see the launch of the highly anticipated title reuniting Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso, with the sci-fi epic SPACEMAN #1. We chatted with Azzarello about the book, and if you can’t tell, the usually reserved author is pretty excited – that’s reason alone to check out the book.

Cover to The Flash #2

Over at DC proper, we’re still in the land of number two issues, but there’s a couple that caught our eyes. ALL STAR WESTERN #2 continues yet another great Jonah Hex story from the team of Palmiotti and Grey, with the scarred outlaw finding himself solving a mystery in Ol’ Gotham City. If superheroes are more your style, you can check out AQUAMAN #2, or FLASH #2, both which had enough in the first month to interest us in month two. And if you didn’t pick up issue one, shame on you, but I VAMPIRE #2 hits this week, and we’re chomping at the neck-bit to find out what happens next.

Catch up with the comic book adventures of The Walking Dead

Lastly, Image has a big week with 27 SECOND SET #2, which introduces some new wrinkles to the deal-with-the-devil/music book. Meanwhile, RED WING #4 wraps up one of our favorite minis of the year, and WALKING DEAD #90 hopefully picks up on one bad-ass cliffhanger from last issue, which shows how far our heroes have gone.

And that’s it! What are you looking forward to, friends?

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