Did Joss Whedon Just Finish Directing A Quippy Take on Shakespeare? [UPDATE]

An image from Joss Whedon's mysterious "Much Ado About Nothing" website

Update: and now the site muchadothemovie.com has been updated with a full press release with further details about the film, and it does appear to be an updated take on Shakespeare's text. Shot in black and white over 12 days, the micro-budget production is the first project from Bellweather films, which will in the future, seek to make more small budget films across various platforms. Much Ado About Nothing should be completed in the spring and then headed to the festival circuit.

A series of mysterious tweets from Whedon regular Nathan Fillion has the internet wondering if the Avengers director helmed a secret Shakespearean adaptation!

It all started with some vague tweets from actors Nathan Fillion and Sean Maher, as well as costume designer Shawna Trpcic, pointing fans to a link: muchadothemovie.com. Right now the site only lists credits and that principal photography has been completed, without any further details about the production.

It looks like Joss Whedon has been keeping busy. Besides directing next summer's The Avengers, he's apparently stealthily finished principal photography on a previously unannounced project that's currently unofficially unnamed. But it stars several Whedon regulars including Nathan Fillion, Amy Acker, and Tom Lenk. Oh, and the URL for the film shares the title of Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing.

And I'm going to assume that this is simply a case of a thing being exactly what it seems, and Whedon is taking his first stab at the works of the Bard. The question is how is the adaptation being handled: will it be a modern update a la 10 Things I Hate About You or a direct lift of the text in the vein of, well, that version of Much Ado About Nothing With Keanu Reeves. Plus, what kind of format is it taking? Will it be some kind of theatrical release or is it going the Dr. Horrible route as another web project for the writer/director? Either way, the site isn't offering any further details besides the image above, so we'll just have to wait and see.

[Via The Hollywood Reporter]

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