Diamond Select's Amazing Spider-Man Movie Figure Reveal (And Other Goodies) From NYCC

At New York Comic Con, our friends at Diamond Select Toys brought their A-game with tons of new products and FREE Maximum Zombie Minimates! Recently, DST has licensed a number of nostalgic properties and were showing off toys from The Munsters, Knight Rider, Lady Death, Dawn, The Universal Monsters and tons more. Join us on this trip through their NYCC booth, starting with a sneak peek at their Marvel Select figure from next summer's The Amazing Spider-Man film!

This Spider-Man figure is scheduled to hit stores in June of 2012 and looks to have far more articulation than any other marvel Select figure before it, including hinged wrists and double-hinged knees. Will there be double-hinged elbows as well? Only time will tell...

Next up, we have Knight Rider! You wanna see more pics of The Hoff and his sweet 80's ride? Well, you're in luck!

These K.I.T.T. Minimates vehicles are in the same scale as the previously released Back to the Future Deloreans and are an easy way to bring this iconic vehicle home.

For those of you needing a nice adult beverage to satiate your thirst after an afternoon playing with Minimates (we're not judging), Diamond Select Toys has you covered with these Marvel Comics-based bottle openers in the shape of Mjolnir, Cap's shield, and the silver Surfer. Something tells us the Herald of Galactus would be displeased by this...

The Real Ghostbusters Minimates were on display, flanking DST's new Terror Dog statue form the original Ghostbusters film.

The horror continued with Diamond's Munsters figures and Universal Monsters Minimates. Oh, and we couldn't possibly forget about the vein-y mass of mutant evil from This Island Earth!

These are a couple of shots from the Maximum Zombies line that made their brain-munching debut at NYCC! As an added bonus, DST gave con-goers a free Maximum Zombie Minimate each morning of the show. These guys and gals look to be decked out with lots of accessories, from briefcases and satchels to lower intestines that can take the place of the figure's legs. Fantastic!

This is the Steampunk-inspired addition to DST's Femme Fatales line of statues. Looks to us like she's brandishing one of those fancy-schmancy Nerf blaster repaints we're always seeing on Etsy.

Minimates were out in force and we snapped some pics of a few of our favorites:

Stay tuned to MTV Geek! for all your DST and New York Comic Con coverage!

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