Top Ten Geeky Pumpkin Carvings

Geeky pumpkins carvings come in all shapes and sizes -- as with this spooky celebration of next year's most evil FPS, The Darkness II by NYC gourd artist (gourdist?) Hugh McMahon. Below are ten other hauntingly clever jack o' lanterns featuring all of your fave geek icons! (special thanks to Ryan Rayhill for his help with this post)

10. Doctor Horrible: There's nothing horrible about this pumpkin inspired by the cult Joss Whedon musical tragicomedy (via Purple House Blog)

9. ThunderCats: This neat ThunderCats logo carving is by SaGeiger26 at deviantART!

8. Death Star: Here is a creative pumpkin carving every Star Wars fan can appreciate. (Found at Noel's Pumpkin Carving Archive)

7. Homer Simpson: This epic Simpsons pumpkin design is by cjgraphix at deviantART

6. Sailor Moon: Craftster user Ilia provides instructions on how to make this Sailoriffic pumpkin

5. Angry Birds: Bird and pig make a scary pair with these Angry Birds jack o' lanterns found at the ljcfyi blog

4. Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor looks radiant in this pumpkin by Flickr user BlackWalnut8

3. Futurama: This Bender pumpkin from Futurama is so intense, it's scary! (Via Matthew Kocsis)

2. Batman: This pumpkin carving by Joker Romero on the 1966 Batman message board gets points for being simplicity iteslf -- it makes a great Bat-Signal!

1. Predator: This masterful carving by artist Ray Villafane is jaw-droppingly good!

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