See Tons Of Wild Kiss Costumes From Kiss Kruise!

Fans of the band Kiss get creative at the recent Kiss Kruise

By Jon Waterhouse

Everyday is Halloween for iconic rock band Kiss. On the recent Kiss Kruise nearly 2,000 fans got into the act celebrating the season of the witch a bit early.

The inaugural event, which sailed October 13 to 17, featured a series of Kiss concerts on board. Fans, however, were given plenty of opportunities to rep their geekdom throughout the long weekend. This included Friday night’s Halloween party and costume contest spiked with band nerd creativity.

Sure, you had plenty of Genes and Pauls, but Kiss-themed mash-ups got the most attention. The contest’s winning couple sported their version of the Kiss Navy complete with uniforms and standard issue face paint:

Another crowd favorite was a pack of Kiss M&M’s:

A Paul Stanley-ized version of Fred Flintstone had his own Wilma groupie:

 A Phantom of the Opera featured a Paul Stanley star on his mask, a nod to Stanley’s tenure in the title role of the popular musical:

And Dr. Seuss’ Thing 1 and Thing 2 from “The Cat in the Hat” got the Kiss treatment:

A ghostly couple came in second in the costume contest:

Other notable creatures of the night included Iron Maiden’s mascot Eddie:

...rock ‘n’ roll fingers:

...and a pumpkin-headed ghoul:

On Sunday afternoon a slew of guests prepared for the Kiss lookalike contest. Free make-up stations made sure fans of all ages received face time:

Later in the the evening the contest drew countless versions of the Demon, Starchild, Catman and Spaceman characters. Each contestant paraded through the ship’s atrium hoping to garner the loudest applause.

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