Should There Be A Watchmen Sequel? COULD There Be? (we have an intriguing clue!)

Intriguing rumors from yonder Bleeding Cool way, with talk of a possible Watchmensequel and spinoffs featuring formidable talent such as Darwyn Cooke, J. Michael Straczynski, Andy Kubert and Brian Azzarello:

"I was told before New York Comic Con that it might be back on and that DC were drawing up a wishlist of creators for a series of Watchmen prequel comics.. Well, I’ve now heard a lot more. Darwyn Cooke’s name is at the very top, linked to drawing two mini-series and writing another, followed by the likes of JMS, JG Jones, Andy Kubert and Brian Azzarello. Whether or not they have been approached, I don’t know, and no one’s talking, but it gives you an idea of the scale. I would also expect Dave Gibbons and John Higgins to be involved in some way."

While the idea of a sequel or sequels to the iconic 1986 miniseries must be exciting to some -- and, let's face it, from a business standpoint it's like printing money -- it also must rankle some Watchmen fans. Why mess with a classic, they might ask? And what about Alan Moore's feelings on the matter? He's been very public about the fact that he resistant to any follow-ups -- cinematic or otherwise -- to Watchmen.

ON THE OTHER HAND -- do we just let these characters and concepts "die on the vine?" Has everything been explored that there is to explore with characters like Rorschach and Dr. Manhattan? And isn't a revisiting of a classic property exactly what Moore did with the highly creative and successful The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen? I mean, it takes some stones (and talent!) to follow up the likes of Bram Stoker, H.G. Wells, Arthur Conan Doyle, and H. Rider Haggard. Couldn't a Dream Team of comic book talents similarly do justice to Watchmen?

But then we circle back to the "Heck No" view on a Watchmen sequel. What if it's not done good? What if it's done too fast? Should the chance even be taken? Will the hallowed name of Ozymandias be sullied forever?

It's a complicated issue -- and we here at MTV Geek ain't taking sides. And, at this point, it's still just a rumor...though if you watch this video interview we took with Darwyn Cooke at this year's HeroesCon, he mentions a mysterious special DC Project:

"I have something coming up with DC, but I'm sworn to secrecy...there is a very big project on the horizon with DC, which we're probably going to announce in October, as far as I understand. And that should be exciting, and infuriating, and all kinds of things to people. It should be quite a shock when they hear what we're doing."

HeroesCon 2011: Darwyn Cooke Teases Upcoming Work


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