Masters of the Universe Classics Muscles Its Way into NYCC

At New York Comic Con, Mattel made their presence known by using their biggest fan-based action figure line: Masters of the Universe Classics! It's well documented that we LOVE these toys, so naturally we were sitting front and center (well, more to the right and with some of our fellow toy bloggers) for any and all announcements regarding He-Man and his cohorts. However, with Mattel's recent announcements at this year's Power-Con, there wasn't a ton of newness for readers of Geek, but we still scored info on 2 new figures and some of Mattel's SDCC plans for next year.

First up on the action figure front is Snake Man-At-Arms. This comes from a previously planned storyline for the now defunct 2002 MYP He-Man cartoon in which Duncan gets turned into one of the reptilian warriors in King Hssss's army. Although the figure shown features the original paint scheme, the actual figure upon release will be sporting the 2002 deco. Very nice.

While this is a very simple figure to take up a slot for the quarterly releases, we're hoping he'll go the way of the recent 2002-inspired Evil-Lyn and come with a second head-- a helmetless one of Duncan with his sweet stache and ponytail combo. He hits the Matty Collector website in June of 2012.

Next up is a never-before-made figure in the guise of Horde Prime! The master of Hordak and the entire Horde Empire has only been seen in various shadowy forms or the rather odd version from the UK MOTU comic book series. The Four Horsemen were able to flex their creative muscles as this is mostly their vision of the character, and what a badass vision he is! He will come with an arm attachment, staff, and the UK-accurate headsculpt. However, he'll also feature a second head that will be a secret accessory in the same vein as Megator's extra zombie head and Man-E-Faces extra tri-face barrel.

We took a close look at the face hidden under the figures helmet in the display case, and from what we could gather it very much reminded us of Marvel's Red Skull. Of course, from what we understand, multiple heads were sculpted so this could be one of the ones not actually chosen as Horde Prime's true visage. The plot thickens. Horde Prime is also scheduled for June of 2012 as he is the monthly Club Eternia figure.

In 2012, Masters of the Universe will be celebrating it's 30th anniversary and Mattel is planning a very special costume contest to celebrate the occasion. At this year's SDCC, Mattel will hold the event and will be handing out prizes in a number of various categories. Also, extra points will be awarded for anyone coming as a 30th Anniversary figure, so start working up those Mighty Spector costumes you've been dying to make since seeing the figure's debut. Hey, it'd be simpler than Drago-Man, right?

As with most toy panels at NYCC, Mattel made it a point to note that at the 2012 Toy Fair far more announcements will be made.

Stay tuned to MTV Geek! for all your MOTUC and New York Comic coverage!

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