George Lucas Crashes Darth Vader's Party At The 2011 Scream Awards

George Lucas confronts Darth Vader at the 2011 Scream Awards

It was Darth Vader's big moment: receiving Ultimate Villain honors at Spike TV's sixth annual Scream Awards. The Sith Lord explained how hard it was to do his dastardly job when he was "constantly living in fear" of Star Wars creator George Lucas digitally enhancing him on DVD. He went on to say: "Let's be honest: I'm surprised at this point he hasn't added the Ewok pilot to the Death Star trench run scene."  It was hard to tell if Vader was at the Scream Awards or the Lucas Roast.

Then suddenly: the man himself, George Lucas, stepped out on stage with a surprise cameo! Uh oh: was Vader now in trouble with his boss for telling stories out of (Jedi) school?

Well, as you can see in this candid shot after the Scream Awards, Creator and Creation sort of made up:

Don't miss the 2011 Scream Awards, which airs today, October 18th 9/8C, on Spike TV! Watch the Darth Vader clip from the show below:

Darth Vader Wins The Ultimate Villain

Get More: Darth Vader Wins The Ultimate Villain

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