Chad Michael Murray On His New Comic Book, 'Everlast' At NYCC

At New York Comic Con the One Tree Hill and Dawson's Creek star discussed his new comic, Everlast, a part of Archaia's new mature readers Black Label imprint.

Next month, Chad Michael Murray will be making his first foray into comics writing with Everlast. Illustrated by artists J.K. Woodward, Danijel Zezelj, Trevor Hairsine, and Robbi Rodriguez, the book is an apocalyptic thriller about a lone man who might be able to save mankind from the end of the world.

From the official synopsis:

In every city in America there's always that strange man on the street corner shouting out that the end of the world is coming, and only those pure in heart and in their love of God can survive the coming apocalypse. But what if that man was actually right, and he was the only person who could save us from destroying ourselves? Derek Everlast is that man, and one of the few people who can ferry others to a place called Haven, the one place of safety from the end of the world.

Murray explains the origins of the apocalyptic tale as part of a conversation six to eight years ago with a door-to-door evangelist preaching that only 144,000 souls would be saved come judgement day. "I went inside and couldn't help but help but contemplate what if that were true. What if only a certain number of people were left to survive. And what if there were soldiers whose job was to find these chosen souls and keep them safe until the end days?"

NYCC 2011: Chad Michael Murray on 'Everlast'

Murray talked a bit about enjoying the vibe at NYCC, lamenting that he hadn't attended any conventions when he was younger. "You get to embrace who you are and who you want to be and everyone accepts you for it." He explained that the three year process of getting the book made was part of his sidewise introduction to comics, with the script originally starting as a screenplay:

NYCC 2011: Chad Michael Murray on Comic Con

The Everlast hardcover will be available from Archaia in mid November.

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