Summer Glau On 'The Human Preservation Project' And Fandom - NYCC Interview

Jonah Ray gets in a few questions with the Firefly and Dollhouse actress.

Summer Glau was on hand over the weekend to discuss her latest project, The Human Preservation Project, an ARG/web series thing in which she's joined by Lost's Terry O'Quinn. The "series," which began this summer, is sponsored by 5Gum, and purports to collect and analyze sensory and emotional data from web participants, with Glau playing the role of "Natalia." Content can be unlocked on the Human Preservation Project site using codes found inside the pack of gum. Glau's character has not yet made her debut in the series, but will be unveiled later this year and will have some connection with the Terry O'Quinn character.

Did you click over a check it out? Yeah, that's a lot of stutter cuts.

NYCC 2011: Summer Glau Talks Human Preservation Project

Over the last few years, Glau's face has become familiar to anyone into genre shows and movies with appearances and starring roles in The Sarah Connor Chronicles, The Cape, Alphas, Dollhouse, and The 4400. Although she's done predominantly geek-centric material, Glau says she doesn't actively seek out sci-fi and genre material--she just happens to be attracted to the roles that she reads. Part of that attraction comes from her childhood, during which her mother would read the works of C.S. Lewis and Madeline L'Engle to Summer and her sisters.

She credits her continued success on the outpouring of support from fans. "I think that they're devoted. I love their passion, and they have certainly paved my career. I'm very grateful." That fan support is hard to argue with: consider the number of shows on which Glau has appeared whose very vocal fanbases started vigorous letter writing and e-mail campaigns to keep the series alive when they faced cancellation.

NYCC 2011: Summer Glau on Fan Support

You can find out more information about the Human Preservation Project on its site.

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