Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 At New York Comic Con

By Gregg Sanderson

We should all be so good at dealing with adversity. Capcom and Marvel have taken their heavily interrupted downloadable content plans for Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 – put off due to the earthquake and tsunami disasters in Japan – and expanded them into the most eagerly anticipated discounted title you could imagine: Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom !. The raucous crowd attending the panel at New York Comic Con clearly couldn't wait for the November 15 release date and were eager for any morsel of info or glimpse into the game that has yet to be revealed. They were not to be disappointed!

Ryota Niitsuma and translator at New York Comic Con

While clearly an expansion, Capcom's Ryota Niitsuma and Seth Killian insist the game has been given a top-to-bottom overhaul. All the returning characters have been rebalanced and some have new moves. There have been some gameplay tweaks, most notably the “X-Factor” battle mechanic, which lasts for less time than the previous title, but you can now activate it in the air. Don't be too distracted by the “Ultimate” part of the title, the game is not set in the Marvel Ultimate universe, but is meant to be the “ultimate” in multi-universe fighting game mayhem. Get it?

That's great, but what's brand-new? Most importantly, there are 12 new playable characters – now 50 total playables, including the 2 DLC characters – pulling from both Marvel and Capcom. The two most recently announced characters got big cheers from the mix of Marvel and Capcom fans: Nova, who has a slew of energy and frantic kinetic attacks (being able to redirect damage into special moves is a nice touch) and Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney! And yes, he most certainly does object. Forcefully.

The panel wanted to make it clear they listen to rabid fan demands, which of course are mostly requests for favorite characters to be included. But the devs also said they added Spectator Mode due to fan demand. You can now watch your friends pummel... your friends! This is our kind of Zen.

Another intriguing new game mode, announced for the first time at the panel, is the Heroes and Heralds Mode, available post-launch as free downloadable content. This mode combines a fighting game with a card battle game. Win a battle, get a new ability card. Then take your newly gained abilities into battle and do things you couldn't otherwise do! There are over 100 ability cards and the team boasted about 1.12 million card combinations! In mathematical terms, that's a lot.

The room was treated to a few video clips: part of the opening CG movie, and the Nova and Phoenix Wright trailers. Oh, by the way, Galactus is a playable character in Arcade Mode. Yeah.

Other tidbits of info were handed out. There are 6 costume versions for each playable, and there are three sets of downloadable characters you can get, depending on where you pre-order. The Manhattan-themed stage has tons of Marvel in-jokes planted in signs and billboards (“Nelson and Murdoch” law firm sign and Times Square styled scrolling text promoting a Dazzler performance, are two fun examples), and there is a Days of Future Past themed stage that will make many Marvel fans happy (or depressed, as reaction to future dystopias can vary). Some returning characters have new endings, and all endings have been written by Marvel Comics fan-favorite Frank Tieri!

Check out a new clip of Phoenix Wright from Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 below!

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds Phoenix Wright Gameplay Trailer

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