Star Wars Collectibles with Chris Spitale At NYCC!

So I started my day off Star Wars, as always, and sat in on the Star Wars collectibles panel at New York Comic Con! Chris Spitale from Lucasfilm Licensing showed us what's up and coming from companies such as Kotobukiya, Gentle Giant, Sideshow Collectibles, EFX Collectibles, Funko Blox, ThinkGeek and Comic Images.

Woodsy and Chris Spitale!

Kotobukiya has a bunch of statues coming out, including Commander Cody, Obi-Wan, Yoda, Clone Trooper, droid packs, and Darth Maul from The Phantom Menace with a lightsaber and up to 18 different poses.

They also have R2 and Han Solo in carbonite ice cube trays, with new models coming soon:

Darth Vader, Stormtrooper, X-Wing and Millenium Falcon coming soon...

They also have a Han Solo in carbonite business card holder that was unreal! Right now it's only available in Japan, but Kotobukiya is working on getting it made here too in the U.S.! Stay tuned!

Comic Images is in the process of making a Millenium Falcon dog bed! Word on the Con says it's coming around next July 12th, 2012 just in time for SDCC! It will look exactly like this model here:

And here's my favorite Jawa plushie...UTINNI!!!

Chris told us that ThinkGeek is coming out with some crazy products, including the Death Star tea ball infuser, Hoth cocoa, faux canned meats, Han Solo in carbonite chocolate and you have have already seen the lightsaber candle for those romantic evenings!

There's so much COOL Star Wars shiz coming out, my head is spinning and my wallet is HIDING!!!

And now back to the Con floor...

Photo credit goes to the awesome Gusto!

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