Felicia Day Has Her Moment In The Spotlight - NYCC Panel Recap

Felicia Day at NYCC

What has two thumbs, red hair and thousands of fans (besides Famous Two-Thumbs O’Toole, of course)? It’s Felicia Day, the Geek Goddess who manages to be the belle of the ball at any Comic Con she heads to. And it makes sense that she would pack one of the larger rooms at New York Comic Con all by her lonesome. On top of stints on Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Dollhouse, and Eureka, she’s also self produced hit web series The Guild and the recently launched Dragon Age: Redemption, based on the popular game series. So she’s busy, basically.

Luckily, we were able to snag one of the few remaining seats at her spotlight panel, so here’s what we found out! Moderated by the always awesome Chris Hardwick (who you can check out on our livestream all weekend), the panel welcomed Day, as well as her Guild co-star Sandeep Parikh. After a bit of business during which the group made fun of--and asked out--a cosplayer dressed in an awesome Bumblebee costume, they got to talking about the end of the most recent season of the show...

Chris Hardwick, Felicia Day, and Sandeep Parikh at NYCC

…or at least they would have if Parikh hadn’t made an off-color joke about Upper-decking, which we’re not going to explain here. Look it up! Don’t, though. Also, Parikh called it “Top Shelfing,” which we don’t think publisher Top Shelf would appreciate.

Moving on to Dragon Age, which Hardwick has seen all of, Day warned not to dish out any spoilers. “I’m sorry you die at the end, but I won’t spoil it other than that,” joked Hardwick. With a sigh, Day said, “That’s why I can’t take you nice places.” “What, I didn’t say how you got decapitated,” joked Hardwick.

More seriously, Day talked about the challenges of creating a full-fledged fantasy series on a limited budget--particularly one that includes fight scenes. Day told a story about how one of the main actors got scarred during the filming of one of the production's earlier scenes.

Talking about the Dragon Age video game, in which Day had a cameo performance, the actress said she appreciated how voice recording for that medium is much more comprehensive and intense, and could include trying lines ten different ways. Hardwick then turned to Parikh, to ask him how things were going, to which Parikh joked, “Oh, besides not being in Dragon Age?”

Parikh then chatted about how he’s working on The Legend of Neil, his own web series, which got big applause from the crowd. “I think there’s nothing better than seeing your stuff in front of an audience, and watching them appreciate it. I did Californication—“

“Did you have to have sex with David Duchovny?” joked Hardwick. “Yeah, and they weren’t even filming, which was weird,” quipped back Parikh.

The talk then naturally turned to sex and kissing scenes. Parikh and Day talked about how they got awkward while filming a kissing scene in The Guild, so they started joking while kissing. Hardwick brought up Day’s similar scene with Wil Wheaton, with whom Day is friends. “Oh god, this is so awkward now, I know your wife,” said Day, which drew laughs from the audience. “It would be the same thing if I had to kiss you,” she said, turning to Hardwick, who immediately looked a little appalled.

Asked about the production process, Day said, “The Guild is ongoing, all year, so just because there aren’t episodes, we’re online on Twitter, and writing.” She added that there are also conventions, DVD production and way more in the works. “It’s all consuming.”

Talking about whether the show is improvised, Parikh and Day clarified that it pretty much is not, and that even one or two line changes involve heavy inspection.

Hardwick then opened the floor up to questions. Here are some highlights!

- Asked which shows Day would like to be a part of, she said “Game of Thrones, but I’m not British, so it will never happen. I’d be like, 'I have a corset, I’ll bring it!'” She also mentioned Fringe and Big Bang Theory, which she loves.

- A fan then asked if she would do anything with Joss Whedon again. “Were he to ever call me, I would always be available. He’s made my career, so I would do anything for him,” said Day. She also mentioned that more Dr. Horrible is still slowly being worked on; but she also chastised bloggers for blowing any mention of Dr. Horrible out of proportion, and warned them not to do that in the future.

- Parikh then announced that Avengers 2 would be a crossover with Dr. Horrible. You heard it here first! Big news!

- Day talked a bit about how there’s a ton of behind-the-scenes content for Dragon Age and The Guild. “This is you thinking about what YOU would want, if you were watching the show,” said Parikh.

- Talking about Easter Eggs, there’s a Sir Loopalot booth in Season 5, which references a kids game mentioned briefly in Season 3, that no one on the Internet has caught yet.

- In order to make more comics, Day needs to figure out the timeline of how the comics would work with the web series. “As soon as I figure that out--and finish playing Skyward--I’m there,” said Day.

- Teasing the Zaboo comic, Parikh said, “You can actually play the comic.” “Are you going to start an imprint called Top Shelf Comics?” asked Hardwick.

- In reference to why and how she approached character growth in The Guild, Day said, “I always want to make characters interesting, and as opposed to television series, I think with web series you have to have that character movement. It’s more like a movie series than Television series.”

Most of the rest of the panel discussed breaking into acting, and weird sexual advances towards Day--sometimes, even from the fans, and not Hardwick and Parikh! So basically, I didn’t recap all of this, but if you want to pretend like you were at the Felicia Day panel, just tell your friends, “Dude, I totally watched Felicia Day Top Shelf Optimus Prime!” And they’ll know. They’ll know.

Felicia takes flight at NYCC

Stay tuned to MTV Geek for plenty more from New York Comic Con...and check out our interview with Felicia below as she gushes about being at NYCC!

NYC2011: Felicia Gushes About Comic Con

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