DC Direct Brings 'Batman: Arkham City' to NYCC!

DC Direct's Batman: Arkham Asylum figures were easily some of the best the company has ever made. The sculpts, paint and even articulation were perfect for the game's twisted visions of Batman and his rogues gallery. It's only fitting (and awesome) that at New York Comic Con DC Direct is showing of a veritable psych ward of action figure monstrosities with their line of figures from the new Batman: Arkham City game!

The first wave of figures will hit stores in December 2011 and features Batman, Robin (Tim Drake), and Harley Quinn. As you can see from the photos, Robin features added articulation at his biceps in order to properly hold his staff.

The second wave will consist of a Batman variant, Catwoman, the Riddler and Hush. Although Hush wasn't present in the display case, that's a small spoiler for fans about to play the game and makes us wonder how he fits into the Arkham City storyline. They'll be available in April of 2012.

So far The Penguin is the only figure announced for wave three of the Arkham City line. We're hoping this is due to characters being featured that haven't been sculpted yet, or would spoil to much of the game. Oswald Cobblepot will be waddling his way into stores, alone or not, in October of next year.

In June 2012, DC Direct is bringing out some of the bigger bad guys (literally) from both Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. First up is Mr. Freeze--sporting his full cryo-suit--and Killer Croc. Since the Arkham Asylum figures were first announced fans have been hoping to see this big scaly bastard in their collection and DC Direct looks to have done a spot-on job in capturing his likeness in the game.

The second series of deluxe figures will consist of the massive Joker figure! This is how the Clown Prince of Crime appears at the end of Arkham Asylum after injecting himself with insane levels of the Titan, a hybrid version of Bane's Venom formula.

Also on display was the NYCC 2011-exclusive Joker figure from Batman: Arkham City. It uses the same body as the previously released joker figure from the Asylum figures, but has an all new disease-ridden head.

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